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Travel diary of an imaginary day

travel diary
Today feels slightly boring, although I know the world is packed full with amazing things to do and see. If only I knew how to bake a take-me-anywhere-I-want cookie, all I would have to do is take a small bite each time I want to go somewhere. Today would then have looked something like this:

1} mmm, wake up after a long and lovely sleep in my soft bed of the cooler than cool Story Hotel in Stockholm. I have already taken a million pictures of its amazing interior before having...

2}... a 'kaffi' in Kaffismiðja Íslands, a small and cozy coffeeshop in the city center of Reykjavík. The Giesen coffee roaster they have in the shop (yes, inside!) is bright, Barbie pink. And the coffee is supposed to be really really good. To make...

3}... sure I won't get lost during my travel day, I have taken along my crumpled city map from designer Emanuele Pizzalorusso. How could I have ever lived without? It's printed on tyvek and designed to fit into the smallest of my bags. No more origami maps which never fold back!

4} Can you ever have enough photo booth pictures? No. Uhm, let me have a look at the worldwide photo booth locator... Ah, yes, my love, let's go to enchanting Paris. There we can find the first black and white photochemical booth to return to Paris after the replacement of all photobooths by digital booths in the last decade. I should not forget to take along my fake mustache. You need one on a photo booth picture. A carousel is singing its old-time automatic music in the distance and it...

5} ... makes me want to listen to some nostalgic live music now. Babylon Circus is having a gig in London and these ten guys do this ska-ish, reggae-ish, folk thing I adore listening to.

6} Gosh, is it that late? I have read about an old building in the old town of Zug, Switzerland, which has been renovated, filled with art, fireplaces and piles of books and named Vorstadt 14. It rooms can be let for special occasions and all look majestic...

Oh, I can't wait to dream about tomorrow! Or shall I make a move and simply go out on my pink bike?


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