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Coffee, bikes & beards

A zillion things happened today in the world. Out of this zillion, there were a few I happened to stumble upon:

stumbled upon

{1} A striking image about prejudice, by French studio La Souris sur le Gateau (Didier Rossigneux and Knapik Bridenne). It screams at you without words.

{2} A fox got into the Helsinki zoo and killed 16 flamingos. Would this have been a news item if the flamingos had been roaming in the wild? I am still unsure about zoo's. Are they the good guy or the bad guy?

{3} This love filled latte made by my boyfriend in one my greatgrandmother's tea cups. With home roasted beans!

{4} The Porteur, A mostly handmade gentleman's bike, designed by Nicolas Yvars. The blue-gray color scheme, the leather details, the vintage liquor flask under the saddle... Nicolas found many components thanks to the help he got from the French bike community. I love craftmanship, people who want to deliver perfection by putting their soul in it, AND everyone who encourages that.

{5} Apparently worms are able to make group decisions like travelling in the same direction. They do that by touching each other. Just like when you are in love - the more you hug each other, the more you want to be close to one another and never ever let go.

{6} An article about beards. This made me realize that despite of it being a perfectly normal thing for men to grow facial hair, if you don't shave it off after an inch or so, the world around you will think of you as Roald Dahl's Mr Twit. I must admit that I am intrigued by moustaches (hence the name) but I like them more when they are fake, when made with cream or toothpaste (hence the mispelling)... PS The image is from Erin, the best fake beard maker in the world!

Have a lovely day,


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