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Urban Storytellers: the world as a drawing sheet

When we are little, grown-ups are always telling us off when we extend our drawing surface to anything that isn't paper: walls, human legs and let's not forget the living room's antique table. So we learn how to not use walls, human legs and antique tables as drawing paper.
By the time we have restricted ourselves to a paper sheet, grown-ups our telling us off for coloring outside the 'lines'. Only a face should be pink and not its surrounding sky, dress, house, etc... So we learn how to stick our colored crayon in between the pre-drawn lines.
But then WE become a grown-up too. And sometimes we go back to our instinct of coloring outside lines and using the world as a drawing sheet. When that happens... the world becomes a wonderful storyteller who we never want to stop telling its stories.

knitgraffitiHave you ever heard about knitgraffiti? Small, usually rectangular, pieces from leftover yarns are knitted together and sawn around trees, abandoned gas stations, light poles, doorhandles and even buses... Just type knitgraffiti, yarn bombing, urban embroidery and you will find thousands of amazing images. Isn't this the best way to brighten up everyone's day?
{image: Maskerade}

Well, it definitely isn't the only way. Walls is a really cool art gallery in Amsterdam, which offers artists the opportunity to rent a strip of their wall for two months on one of the city's best locations. This is where I discovered the work of José van Tilburg. She uses words from old love letters, lyrics, poems and picked-up dialogues which she then translates into images made out of fabric or paper, stitched together with thread. Like three-dimensional memories. Just imagine how it would be to wander around the city surrounded by beautiful and touching sentences sawn and stitched across grubby walls.
{image: Walls}

Another way of decorating the urban landscape has been coined by UK artist filthyluker. He creates filthyluker's octopuslarge scale inflatable limbs, like the tentacles of a giant octopus, which emerge from buildings, making it appear as if the whole building has been devoured by a massive creature. Have a look at his work: it's like walking into a real life horror B-movie...
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the eyes. He dots urban nature with peering eyes as if they are wondering themselves what on earth they are doing in between all the concrete. Do try this at home, the effect is strangely eerie and surreal.
{image: filthyluker}

The other day my Love and I were walking in our neighborhood when suddenly I noticed our feet were surrounded by birds. Literally, as they happened to be drawn on to the pavement tiles. After inspecting the area, we noticed more floor graffiti like the ones with the birds and it didn't turn out to be just art: by placing stencils on the floor and turning a high-pressure sprayer on, it's possible to clean selectively thus making this a very cheap option for advertising. But as long as you have a high-pressure sprayer at hand, you could turn every square in the world into a giant canvas. Or why not use this to show off your portfolio?
{image: Croasters}

When photography meets urban coloring meets an amazing creative personality, you get Katie Sokoler. This freelance photographer and street artist from Brooklyn isn't just someone we would secretly all want to be. She is an inspiration volcano of urban intervention. What about giant pacmans trying to eat humans? Or small hearts coming out of pipes? Her biggest invention (largely copied but nobody does it better than Color Me Katie) is the thought bubble. Katie sticks large thought bubbles on a wall and waits around the corner just till the moment someone walks by... creating a life-size cartoon. Wouldn't you ever wish to know what other people were thinking? Her latest project involves miniature, playing silhouettes which she places on 'shadows' creating a playground of the world.
{image: Color Me Katie}

Today I have bought an old box of crayons...
my new crayons
... and no paper.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Moussetache

Excuse me, there is a pigeon in my living room

Something interrupted me while listening to music and writing away this morning. That something was flapping vigorously in my living room, making it impossible for me to go in. It was a lovely morning so I had opened all the windows and somehow a very fat pigeon had flown into the house.

From the glass doors I saw this pompous pigeon flying around and sitting on almost every item of the room: the couch, the vintage piano, my collection of staplers, my boyfriend's selfmade lamps. The beast was also leaving a trace of its body dust on everything. You could easily trace its contours with a pencil and get featured in a biology book.

After half an hour I knew something had to happen, it was me or the bird. So I went into the kitchen and broke off a delicious piece of bread. Things went really quickly afterwards. The pigeon immediately saw the bread and started flying in my direction but I was very quick and threw that piece of scrumptious bread outside the window. The pigeon u-turned and grabbed the bread while flying into the sunny sky.


What did I learn from this?
A. Never open your window on a sunny day.
B. Never run out of bread just in case you forget you weren't supposed to open the window.
C. We need fountains in a city to make sure birds get a bath every now and then.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Moussetache

Music for your moods


How are you feeling today? I woke up insanely happy and after my first coffee the melancholy swept me off my feet. Undoubtedly some other mood will knock me down soon.

You know what I hate most about mood swings? I have to walk to my iPod and change the tracks every time. I simply can't listen to happy music when I am feeling sad.

Probably you feel the same about this. But our sighs and moans have been heard... and inspired someone to create Stereomood, an extremely accurate playlist based on your moods. It's perfect and works amazingly well. My next wish? A genius playlist which automatically tags the moods on my iPod too...

PS Talking about mood swings, did you ever hear about emotionally-activated lip gloss? Yes, it does exist, it's called Mood Swing (really?) and it's an easy way to show the world whether you are feeling sassy, sexy or deliriously happy. Gosh, didn't we all need that?
And if the gloss doesn't work - there is always the mood swing pin...

Soon we will all love him. Or are we already?

I never thought I would end up liking this song. He doesn't need weird clothes, sexy moves and a million dollar budget: all Greyson Chance has is his talent and isn't that the only thing you are supposed to need?

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