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Music for your moods


How are you feeling today? I woke up insanely happy and after my first coffee the melancholy swept me off my feet. Undoubtedly some other mood will knock me down soon.

You know what I hate most about mood swings? I have to walk to my iPod and change the tracks every time. I simply can't listen to happy music when I am feeling sad.

Probably you feel the same about this. But our sighs and moans have been heard... and inspired someone to create Stereomood, an extremely accurate playlist based on your moods. It's perfect and works amazingly well. My next wish? A genius playlist which automatically tags the moods on my iPod too...

PS Talking about mood swings, did you ever hear about emotionally-activated lip gloss? Yes, it does exist, it's called Mood Swing (really?) and it's an easy way to show the world whether you are feeling sassy, sexy or deliriously happy. Gosh, didn't we all need that?
And if the gloss doesn't work - there is always the mood swing pin...

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