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Excuse me, there is a pigeon in my living room

Something interrupted me while listening to music and writing away this morning. That something was flapping vigorously in my living room, making it impossible for me to go in. It was a lovely morning so I had opened all the windows and somehow a very fat pigeon had flown into the house.

From the glass doors I saw this pompous pigeon flying around and sitting on almost every item of the room: the couch, the vintage piano, my collection of staplers, my boyfriend's selfmade lamps. The beast was also leaving a trace of its body dust on everything. You could easily trace its contours with a pencil and get featured in a biology book.

After half an hour I knew something had to happen, it was me or the bird. So I went into the kitchen and broke off a delicious piece of bread. Things went really quickly afterwards. The pigeon immediately saw the bread and started flying in my direction but I was very quick and threw that piece of scrumptious bread outside the window. The pigeon u-turned and grabbed the bread while flying into the sunny sky.


What did I learn from this?
A. Never open your window on a sunny day.
B. Never run out of bread just in case you forget you weren't supposed to open the window.
C. We need fountains in a city to make sure birds get a bath every now and then.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Moussetache

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