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Oh. I can change the world

no plastic week
Floods, another oil spill, giant hail, food riots... OK. Yes. I understand. A lot of things are not going very well in the world and there are many reasons to be sad. But at the same time... should I be sad because I can't do much about it?

A week ago I have decided to change the world and I am making one step a day towards my destination. At least.
The great thing is that there are no rules and it's not really important where you start. Which means you could do ANYTHING, ANYTIME. For example, you could make a complete stranger smile, just by saying something nice or sharing a moment ('look at that rainbow'). Or you could make seed bombs and drop them in desolated areas of your city. Or you might embellish the street with a few crayons and the help of some children.
Take a few things into consideration: it's important to stick to your believes as much as possible, to mean what you do and to act impulsively.

Monday 30 August
My boyfriend and I have named this week the 'no plastic week'. This means:
We will not buy anything with a plastic container, if we can avoid it.
We will bring our own bags to the shops.
We will re-use all containers and plastic we already have.
We won't 'take-away' in plastic: either bring your own containter or take the time and sit in.

So far the results have been great. Not only did we both get great reactions from other people, but we got to eat better food, spent less, bought more consciously and we had no left-over food we had to throw away. I was already in love with glass jars but now they have found their way to... practically everywhere, from plant pot to food jar (as we have no plastic ones left).

Therefore I have decided to continue with a no plastic month. My next project involves a lunch bag made from coffee bean bags and I have contacted my local authorities and requested a plastic container bin for my neighboorhood.

Have a lovely day,


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