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I hate pristine looking walls: DIY wallpaper

wallpaper diy
I am restless. The walls of my house are so pristine looking, every time I am drawing or cooking tomato sauce I am drawn to accidentally drop some color on them. Am I the only one who can't resist a white wall? No, not all. And you don't need to get yourself dirty with paint or buy expensive wallpaper to achieve the coolest interior in the world. There are tons of ideas how to DIY walls.

1} Swedish design group Font attached hundreds of plastic flowers with paper tape to a white wall. Amazing, so simple. How come nobody ever thought of this? It could be done with anything: butterflies, stars, plastic insects, cars, trains... You could even paint a whole toy world in one colour just like the toy cookie bowl in my etsy shop, and glue it to the wall above your baby's crib.

2} Browse the local flea market while traveling and buy a stack of vintage magazine: birds, cookery, UFO's, comic books... even old love letters would look amazing on a wall. (via roomlust, apartment therapy).

3} Get yourself a Polaroid from Ebay and start clicking away. The best would be to take photo's with one theme, like flying birds, or spitting grandpa's. Or maybe you could write a lullaby with photographed words. Luciano Noble is a professional photographer but who says your room won't look as good?

Well, and if all of this doesn't 'DIY' out, there is always the good old method of filling up one wall with just about anything that doesn't fit in a drawer, like I did... (well, actually my boyfriend only allowed me to decorate one wall as I pleased, so I did)
miss moussetache: my living room

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