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Seven ways to celebrate Love Day

The sun is shining, the weather is nice and you are feeling happy, right? Great, then it's time to say I love you 100 times to the love of your life. It's Love Day! But there are at least six other ways to celebrate Love Day...

{1} A personalized love letter on a pillow, by Olive
{2} Good Time Ring for your cutest kissing picture, by Yellowgoat
{3} Mr and Mrs Scatter Pillows, by Idotakeu
{4} Not a paper cup + a black marker for porcelain and just diy that love note yourself, by ThinkGeek
{5} Custom silhouette prints of both of you (and your pet), by Ellothere
{6} My favourite: a personalized and handmade lunch bag for your sweetheart, tutorial by DesignSponge

Or you could cook his or her favourite meal tonight... put up a love note under his or her pillow... buy a bright yellow balloon and attach it to his or her bike/car... or... or...

...Happy love Day!

PS: Each of these gifts would make a lovely wedding present as well.

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