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Have you ever heard about Russian stray dogs?

'Have you ever heard about Russian stray dogs?', asked my boyfriend the other day. No, I hadn't. So he began a unbelievable story about 35,000 stray dogs that roam Russia’s capital, especially its metro. These animals have evolved into a new and very intelligent breed. They are all medium-sized with thick fur, wedge-shaped heads and almond eyes. And they all behave in a strangely human way...

If they need to be somewhere, they hop in the metro and when it's time to get out, they simply get out. They recognize their stop by smell and their sense of time. They always sit in the first or last wagons, as it's always less busy there. Oh, and when it's dinner time, they look at all the people with food in their hands and asses who is going to jump and drop their sandwich if they start barking madly.

Most Muscovites love the street pack: there is even a website dedicated to them on which passengers post photos and video clips taken with their mobile phones. Everyone has its favorite and most stations have their regulars.

Where did they come from? Well, they are the 3 procent of animals that survive being dumped on the steet by his 'owners'. They are the fittest survivors. They are somewhere in the middle between domesticated and wild, living among humans without being owned.

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(image from English Russia)

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