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It's great to be different

different ways of being an artist
Each of us can do something the usual way or his own way. Arent't we different beings after all? Maybe we all have one name for the thing we do best, which could be kissing, fixing cars, drawing just as well as dancing, taking pictures or animating. But it's up to ourselves to look at what we do from a different angle and do it from that same different angle. Just like...

Illustrator Irma Gruenholz doesn't use a pen or computer for her illustrations, she works with polymer clay. Once her little clay world is perfectioned, it is photographed in high resolution and another piece of art can be delivered to our eyes.

Photographer Robbie Augspurger has specialized himself in the uncool family portraiture from the 70s and 80s. How amazingly cool is that? I would love to have him portrait me, looking like my mum when she was my age!

Stuart Kolakovic is a very talented young 'creator'. He has created a 9+ metre-long web comic called Never Been, a sort-of interactive mural that tells a rich, detailed story of a small eastern European village community (the link is down at the moment). But he has also created the cutest mini comic books I have ever seen: the ultra-mini comic book.

Collage artist and lover of type Able Parris does for the web what street artists do for the street. He makes art available to everyone. He has the best moleskine sketchbook videos on Vimeo, most of his work featured on tumblr, downloadable wallpapers with his collage art and you can read rich editorial perspectives written by mr Parris himself on Graphic Hug and We Love Typography.



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