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Do you want these as much as I do? Retro camera's

Camera's are synonymous for traveling, success, creativity. They symbolize your lifestyle. Well, at least if you own the right one.
How does the perfect camera look? Retro, cool and classy. Oh, and easy to use...

{1} Polaroid SX70 original, legendary camera packed with style. Picture this: a Paris cafe', you dressed for success with huge glasses, a leather bag from hardgraft and coffee. On the table this camera and a french newspaper...
{2} Blackbird Fly 35mm, beautiful 35mm toy twin-lens reflex
{3} Ricoh 500 G, adorable camera - just imagine walking around with her wrapped around your neck!
{4} Lomograpy Fisheye Print Ryan Camera, Rob Ryan has that gift of making people happy instantly, like a polaroid. I saw a girl a few weeks ago with this camera and I couldn't keep my eyes off it!
{5} MINOX DCC Leica M3 5MP Digital Camera, everything miniaturized makes me want to want it. I just can't resist mini-things.
{6} Olympus E-P1, gosh, she is pretty, isn't she?

Have a lovely day,

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