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The many faces of Little Red Riding Hood

The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood is a well known one. But did you know that there are many versions of this story? It's not just storytellers and writers who have adapted the story about the little girl who, on her way to her Grandmother, is attacked by a wolf. Illustrators have depicted her in many different ways as well. She can be...

... childish and angry, Andrea Zuill
... unaware and bubbly, Raquel Aparicio (have a look at her site, this artist is amazing!)
... graphical like a twenties Vogue model, Kenneth Whitley (is that wolf wearing glasses like mine?)
...dark and sinister, Tyler Garrisson (his work is really really good)
... surprisingly complicated after the first sight, Noma Bar (if you ever get the chance to see an exposition, go)
... cheerful and unafraid, SkoLzki

Very inspiring for every artist to see it's the hand that makes something unique, even when you are using a zillion times told tale. It's all about finding your own thing and describing it with your inner voice.


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