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London's Utterly Delicious Coffee & Brunch List

I was back in London a few weeks ago. I love that city and I still don't understand why I ever left. Anyway, it was amazing, of course. More vibrant and exciting than last year, as if people are starting to dream again. So many new restaurants and cafes opened in the past twelve months! Since I love eating and drinking coffee, I have put together a list of my new favourite places where you will be able to enjoy food as it should always be: utterly delicious.

* Lantana (granola for breakfast, flat white AND all of their lunches are amazing)
* The Modern Pantry (granola for breakfast, lovely dinner)
* Monmouth, the one just around the corner of Borough Market (delicious COFFEE and eating bread/butter/jam at the communal table for breakfast)
* The Espresso Room (coffee and croissant)
* Smith of Smithfield (breakfast, brunch, drinks...)
* Wahaca (Mexican street food in a great atmosphere)
* Borough Market
* Fromagerie

Or have a look at my google map so you won't get lost!

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